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Dunlop Tires
Dunlop Tires

Cheap Tire Deals carries a full line of Dunlop passenger and light truck tires including the Direzza, SP Sport, Grandtrek and Rover series, as well as a full line of their original equipment applications.

Listed below are many of the tires available from this manufacturer organized into their appropriate performance categories

passenger tires

Extreme Performance Summer

Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec
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Max Performance Summer

SP Sport 600

SP Sport 600 DSST

SP Sport 9000

SP Sport 9000 DSST

SP Sport 9090

SP Sport Maxx

SP Sport Maxx 101

SP Sport Maxx A

SP Sport Maxx A1

SP Sport Maxx GT

SP Sport Maxx GT DSST

SP Sport Maxx RunOnFlat

Ultra High Performance Summer

Direzza DZ101
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SP Sport 01

SP Sport 01 A

SP Sport 01 DSST

SP Sport 01 DSST RunOnFlat

SP Sport 2000E

SP Sport 3000A DSST

SP Sport 8000

SP Sport 8000E

SP Sport 8080E

SP Sport 8090

SP Sport D8Z

SP Sport FM901

Ultra High Performance All-Season

SP Sport 01 A/S

SP Sport 01 A/S DSST RunOnFlat

SP Sport 2030

SP Sport 2050

SP Sport 4000 A/S

SP Sport 5000 Asymmetrical

SP Sport 5000 M

SP Sport 5000 Symmetrical

SP Sport 5000A DSST

SP Sport 5000M DSST CTT

SP Sport 7010 A/S DSST

SP Sport Maxx A1 A/S

High Performance All-Season

SP Sport 7000 A/S

SP Sport A2 Plus

SP Sport Signature

Performance All-Season

GT Qualifier T

Grand Touring Summer

SP Sport 270

Grand Touring All-Season

SP Sport 4000T DSST

Standard Touring All-Season


Passenger All-Season

SP 40 A/S

SP 60



SP31 A/S


Studless Ice and Snow

Graspic DS-2

Performance Winter

SP Winter Sport

SP Winter Sport 3D

SP Winter Sport M3

SP Winter Sport M3 ROF

light truck/SUV tires

Street/Sport Truck Summer

Grandtrek PT9000

Street/Sport Truck All-Season

Grandtrek ST 8000

Highway All-Season

Grandtrek AT20

Grandtrek AT21

Grandtrek AT23

Grandtrek PT1

Grandtrek PT2A

Grandtrek ST20

Grandtrek ST30

Grandtrek TG32

Grandtrek TG35

Grandtrek Touring A/S

Radial Rover A/T

Signature CS

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Radial Rover RVXT

Off-Road Maximum Traction

Radial Mud Rover

Radial Rover M/T Maxx Traction

Radial Rover R/T

Light Truck/SUV Studless Ice and Snow

Grandtrek SJ5

Grandtrek SJ6

Light Truck/SUV Performance Winter

Grandtrek WT M3

Grandtrek WT M3 ROF

Where the smell of hot rubber and the crunch of asphalt beneath beefy wheels are two of life’s finest experiences. Dunlop is about driving. Driving is about Dunlop. And it’s been this way since our beginning.

It all started in 1888, when a small boy struggled to ride a tricycle with solid rubber wheels. John Boyd Dunlop grew tired of watching his son struggle with the cumbersome tires and patented his own design — marking the birth of what we now know as today’s modern-day tire.

The legend grew by leaps and bounds — and RPMs. What started as a tricycle tire grew to become a racing radial for 200 mph motorsport vehicles, way ahead of the times. The Dunlop name became as popular in racing circles as that notorious checkered flag.

So here we are today, thriving on that motorsports heritage. Blending the latest technology with OE experience. Taking everything we learn on the race tracks and incorporating it into tires for the most discerning drivers.

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